Nicole G. Avatar

5 star rating   I met Dr. Todd Narson 4 years ago when I urgently needed treatment for a hip flexor injury, while I was in the States. After postponing my flight twice, due to pain, and searching for sports medicine doctors and physical therapists with only appointments up to 2 weeks in the future to offer, I remembered how much success I’d had in the past with Chiropractic care. Dr. Narson’s office was easily accessible from where I was staying in Miami- just a quick trip over Julia Tuttle Causeway- very important for me, for the amount of pain I was in. My injury was treated efficiently and effectively. After 3 treatments the pain had completely subsided. After 3 more, my mobility and range of motion allowed me to board my flight and return to Europe. I continued physical therapy in France for the month I was away but when I returned to Miami, I found the physical therapy to complete my treatment further increased my range of motion and made major improvements to my stability and balance. Recently, I overcame a very serious rotator cuff (shoulder) injury with Dr. Narson’s help: same comprehensive treatment and same excellent results. Dr. Narson is always committed to solutions: I’ve never had any sequels from my injuries or treatments and I always feel that I heal stronger than I was before the injury. In addition to the treatment offered in-office, for each injury I was given a realistic “plan” of effective home therapy to follow which was not time consuming or unattainable. I can’t say enough positive things about this practice. Every diagnostic has been correct and specific, every treatment is tailored to the patient. A very clear explanation of what the physical challenge is and what to expect really helps me feel reassured as a patient. Dr. Narson has, it seems, endless resources and knowledge, a solid network of referral colleagues and a professional, understanding and accommodating staff. I highly recommend this practice!

Nicole G. 6/05/2023
Elayne L. Avatar

5 star rating   Dr Narson is amazing. For years I have seen dozens of chiropractors, orthoepdists and other doctors for my sports related injuries and no one has been as helpful and kind. He is extremely knowledgeable and is very patient and caring. Don’t think twice. If you have an injury do yourself a favor and book an appointment!

Elayne L. 6/05/2023
Lizzie C. Avatar

5 star rating   Dr. Todd Narson is a very informative physician. I had a great experience here. It was my first time to a Chiropractor and he really took time to get to know my medical history and explain the procedures to me. He even recommended a book to me for one of my conditions. I look forward to returning. I want to get my back feeling good again.

Lizzie C. 6/05/2023